Scaffold Hire Or Ladders – Which is the Best Option For House Painting?

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You might think that its an easy decision and the height of the house should dictate whether you use scaffold hire or ladders but you would be wrong to jump to this conclusion without due consideration website.

Decision Making Factors

The majority of two floor house exteriors are painted with the use of extending ladders mainly because of the cost of scaffold hire. However, there are times when you might want to consider the extra costs such as:

When the surfaces to be painted requires extensive preparation work or major burn off before painting;
Where the ground is sloping or covered with obstacles that represent a danger to the painter;
When the building is in a position that is exposed to pedestrian traffic or in fact mechanized traffic.

In the latter above you are no longer allowed to position a ladder say in a high street to do a shop front without having someone at the bottom of the ladder at all times. Given the cost of having someone holding the ladder at all times you might need to reconsider scaffold hire for these types of projects.

On larger houses where you have rendered paintwork, or painted stucco, painted ornamental cornice or dentil work it is essential to use scaffolding on the project to ensure that the work is carried out safely and that the work is carried out to a higher standard. Whilst on the surface, the cost for scaffold hire to a two floor mid terrace house will set you back about £300 you should not be deterred as you will get a far superior job using scaffolding. All painters know this because to them it is effectively like working on the ground. Clearly if the surfaces are prepared and painted better then they are likely top last an extra year or two before they require painting again. If you then re-work out the finances you might find that in fact the use of the scaffold hire has in fact put you in front.

One other point of course is that ladders bouncing around the front of the buildings damages the sills, scratches up the brickwork and of course take out bit of pointing at every opportunity.

Using Mobile Towers To Get The Job Done

There will always be times when scaffold hire is just too inconvenient to use for say a window installation to upper floors or some repair job that is small but needs to be done in a safe manner.

The advantages of using a mobile tower over scaffold hire is that it is light-weight aluminum and needs no great skill to assemble and to stabilize for use. If the ground at base level is reasonably flat then you also have the wheeled option to move your tower around which can be extremely useful in certain situations.


Scaffold hire, working platform, access hire and towers come in all shapes and sizes and are an excellent resource to enable work to be carried out safely and usually to a higher standard than traditional ladder hire. It is usually money well spent and providing all the health & safety issues are complied with it is as safe as working on the ground.

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